Handmade in France

Aquilina basse

Cutting up, glueing, machining, varnishing, assembling…

Every step is carried out with the utmost attention, in order to guarantee the delivery of an exceptional instrument. Here, there is no room for digital machining, which allows greater flexibility in a “made to measure” approach.

Best hardware

For the hardware, the electronics and the microphones, I rely on the best in the industry, such as Aguilar, John East, Glockenklang and Hipshot (for others, see options). All the woods are carefully selected to best meet the client’s sound, mechanical and aesthetic requirements.

Aquilina basse

Carefully selected
and hand-crafted woods

Aquilina basse
Aquilina basse
Aquilina basse

Traditional and local types 

You will find the “traditional” types used in electric lutherie, but also and above all, “local” types, such as Sycamore, Sorb tree, Alder, Whitebeam, and Poplar woods… I attach a lot of importance to the use of local species that have no cause to be jealous of American or exotic species that we can do without.

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